Welcome to "on eyal yancu & co." law firm

Welcome to the law firm of Yancu & Co. The main branch of the office is located in the stock exchange complex in Ramat Gan.

My office is a boutique office that specializes in real estate, urban renewal and inheritance matters related to real estate.

The office’s clients are my most important asset, and I make sure to give them the best service.

In every transaction, I take care to carry out thorough checks of the legal status of the property.

Since I represent clients in courts in real estate disputes, I know how to preempt a blow to Mecca and put in advance the protections required in real estate agreements.

My office operates according to the basic values ​​of reliability, professionalism and service to the client.

Reliability means giving the client the full information related to his case in the most transparent way, standing behind the legal advice I give the client in full, accompanying the client even in the difficult moments and working for him in the best way to exercising (for the realization of) his rights.

Professionalism means handling each case thoroughly, paying attention to the smallest details and examining all the legal options.

Service means I am always available for my clients, taking care of their case (portfolio) quickly and preserving (safeguarding) their full interests.

In addition, I act as a certified mediator on behalf of the Israel Bar Association and represent clients in mediation and arbitration proceedings, as well as acting as a legal advisor on behalf of the Tel Aviv Municipality on housing and rent, lecturer and facilitator of courses for realtors on behalf of the Anglo-Saxon (brokerage) real estate network.

The main branch of my office is located in Silver House, the stock exchange complex, 7 Abba Hillel Street in Ramat Gan (14th floor).

New: Another branch has been opened for our office at 1 HaEshel St., Caesarea.

Why do clients choose Adv. On  Yanko?

Extensive and successful experience!
Hundreds of cases I have already finished handling successfully.

Quality and fast service
Prompt and immediate treatment.

Maximum availability
I will always be available for you when needed. Even at non-routine hours.

You will receive an update and explanation
I always make sure that my clients get an explanation of their rights in a language that is understandable to them and get an answer to all their questions.

I will fight for you
I fight for every portfolio and defend your winnings in the best way possible.

My experience in the field of real estate includes: representation in the purchase of an apartment from a contractor, purchase of a second-hand apartment, purchase of plots, property transfer transactions without consideration (as a gift), lease agreements, representation in TMA 38 transactions and construction eviction, representation in sale and purchase of Commercial real estate transactions such as offices and industrial buildings, and income-producing real estate investments. I represent (both) private buyers, (and) entrepreneurs and business clients.

My experience in the field of urban renewal includes: Representation in TMA 38 transactions and evacuation of construction with an emphasis on representing tenants. Comprehensive representation in objections to urban renewal proceedings and claims concerning a refusing tenant. I have an (Has) extensive experience in accompanying and representing tenants at all stages of the procedure, from the selection of the developer to the stage of delivery of the new apartments.

My experience in the field of inheritance and property includes: drafting wills and inheritances and filing an objection to the execution of a will, drafting agreements between heirs, filing claims for dissolution of a real estate partnership (liquidation of real estate), drafting financial agreements and cohabitation agreements, continuing power of attorney, will expression document, and filing guardianship claims.

Our firm specializes in the settlement of commercial disputes and provides our clients with extensive legal support in the fields of commercial litigation, mainly in the field of real estate in its various aspects – the leading field of expertise of the firm. Including representation and appearance in courts in the various courts, providing practical legal solutions to disputes, managing legal proceedings and lawsuits, preparing pleadings – Law, mediation and compromise.

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